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In this post I would like to share some tips on how to use an epilator (from my experience). Despite my skin being extremely sensitive, I use an epilator because I have a lot of leg hair.

I don't want to shave because:

When I shave, my hair starts to grow back out the very next day. Coarse in texture and very dark. Since I have sensitive skin when hair has just started to grow, my skin itches too much.

When I use the epilator:

1. Hair starts to grow after 7-10 days.
2. Initially only 40% grows back.(Hairs will not grow at the same pace)
3. Epilating won't make your hair darker or coarser.

Preparation and how to use it:

  • Exfoliate - Whether I shave or use the epilator, I always get ingrown hairs when I don't exfoliate my skin. You should do this regularly, but if you're too lazy exfoliate the day before. I use a loofah rather than scrubs. I find that it works better for this purpose (at least for me it does). Showering beforehand will make it just a little less painful, but make sure you're skin is completely dry before epilating. Do not put on any lotion/cream.
  • Epilate when the hair is short - 2-3mm is the ideal length. When I epilated for the first time I cried because my hair was long and it was extremely painful. I simply couldn't handle it so I stopped and shaved the rest. 
  • Hold the epilator 90 degrees against the skin. Hold the skin taut and move it slowly against the grain of the hair.
  • Epilate the day before going out since you might get a lot of redness. It takes my skin 1-2 days to go heal completely.
  • I use coconut oil to get rid of it. Apply it as soon as you're finished epilating. It is the only thing that has worked faster than any other product I've used to reduce the redness/irritation. When the skin absorbs it I reapply two more times. I don't need to use an ice pack, but if it is too painful for you go ahead and use it.
  • Avoid epilating right before or during your menstrual cycle.(Too Painful)

You will get used to the pain after you epilate a couple of times. You'll begin to get comfortable and relax the muscles hence it will hurt less.

 -Except the legs, I epilate my underarms so easily now. The area has been used to the epilator and it doesn't matter how long the hair is, it never gets irritated or red. I don't even apply anything afterwards. I just epilate them both for 30 sec and I'm good to go.
-On the contrary, my arms are beyond sensitive. Except redness, I get bumps as well. They don't go away for days no matter what I use. So I don't use an epilator on my arms anymore.

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  1. I have a hairy problem and to remove it is very painful. Thanks for good tips, I'll try it.

  2. I have been blessed with hairy legs as well. These are great tips. I have never tried coconut oil to remove the redness.

  3. Thanks for an useful post. I've never wax my leg because it's hurt. With this tips, I'll try an epilator, I think it's less pain.

  4. Great guide to Epilating! There are a few creams you can use to remove redness too!

  5. Your tips are really helpful. I will try the epilator as soon as i get one.


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