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Yesterday I was about to throw my old perfume bottles away because I had tried to wash them with liquid soap before but it didn't work. They smell wouldn't go away. I could use the bottles to make my own perfumes or for other things. I also didn't want to waste 4 $ for a new bottle. I asked a friend and she told me this great method and it worked extremely well. I cleaned all my pretty bottles and they don't smell AT ALL :D  So,here you go:

1First, remove the cap and the spray mechanism  from your perfume bottle.Rinse the bottle with warm water.

2. Fill half the bottle with vinegar and shake it a little.Then , add warm water all the way to the top. Put the sprayer back on and spray a couple of times so that the vinegar goes into the tube. Then, remove the sprayer and leave the bottle like that for 2 hours.

3. Afterwards empty the bottle and rinse it again.

4. Fill it with water and put in a teaspoon of rice (uncooked,of course). Shake it well. Put the sprayer on and spray a handful of times. This will make the oils that have remained and the smell of vinegar go away from the tube. Leave the bottle for 1 hour and empty it.

5. Pour a little liquid dish soap into the bottle, fill it a little bit with water and shake it. Then, rinse thoroughly.

As for the cap and the sprayer.. If you want to clean them too: soak them into a bowl filled with water and vinegar 50-50. Leave for 30 minutes. Empty.
Put them again in the bowl. Add water and a little liquid dish soap. Leave for 20 min. Then , rinse with water.
step 3...Add water and rice into the bowl and soak them for 30 min. Rinse. 
Let the bottle, cap and sprayer to fully dry. And.. that's it :)


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Great tip, thanks for sharing

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