Sweet Almond Oil

I have been using sweet almond oil for 2 years now and I'm extremely happy with it. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which protects our skin from damaging ultraviolet lights and prevents cell damage. It also contains vitamin A, D, B-complex groups of vitamins and proteins. It is suitable for all skin types. Improves complexion and retains glow. Keeps the PH of the skin at normal level and helps to relieve skin irritation. This oil is used for massage therapy, aromatherapy. It is also used as a carrier oil because it can be added to essential oils for a wider array of uses. It has a light texture and smells good.

What I use it for :

1.Hair.  I have oily hair but the tips of my hair are dry. I apply it 2 inches away from my roots going down to the tips. I leave it for 10 minutes and then I wash my hair as I normally do. But once in a while I apply it on my roots too because it's very good for the scalp and prevents the itchiness. If you have dry or normal hair, massage the scalp too. Sweet almond oil treats the scalp and hair follicles, prevents hair loss, provides  shine and strengthens hair. Awesome, isn't it? :)

2.Dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes are usually an inherited trait,but they're also caused from lack of sleep or spending too many hours in front of the computer. I apply just a thin layer before I go to bed  and then I massage it gently using my fingers. The massage will help with blood circulation and also ensure that the oil is being properly absorbed. I also use it as a make up remover,it removes my eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara...It prevents wrinkles as well. So now you don't have to buy neither a make up remover nor an expensive cream for wrinkles :) The appearance of my eyes has improved a lot since I've started using it.      

3. Face and lips. I have combination skin(in winter). My T-zone and nose are oily. I just apply some almond oil on the dry areas with a cotton pad. I also moisturize the lips so they don't get chapped  :)

4.Body and feet. My shoulders and my back are oily and they break out easily so I don't apply it there even though it is said that almond oil is good for acne. 
I apply it everywhere else concentrating on the knees , elbows and feet. You have to moisturize these areas daily because they get too dry.

5.Stretch marks. I have some stretch marks on my breasts and butt because I lose and gain weight easily. My stretch marks are white so this means that they are permanent. You can't get rid of them. But I have used almond oil and the appearance of the stretch marks has diminished a lot.(Click here for how to treat stretch marks.)


Either massage your cuticles with your fingers or with a 
cotton ball and push them back gently :) I have made the mistake of buying expensive cuticle pusher and cutter. It's just a waste of money ,trust me.

Also 1 tea spoon a day of sweet almond would be very good for your health :
 -Consuming almond oil helps reduce cholesterol 
 -Nourishes the brain and nervous system  
 -Enhances intellectuality and endurance  

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