Rice water for your face

Before starting with the recipe, you must know some  things concerning arsenic(toxic element) found in rice, so you can find what kind is safe to eat. You can check out these links : Gluten-Free Diet, Arsenic, and Rice and Link 2. But you will need to do some further research yourself, especially if you love to eat rice too often. When you find the right kind of rice to use, you can try this : 
1. You are going to need:

 - a small bowl
 - 2 or 3 Tbsp of rice
 - a container

Put the rice into the bowl, wash it with water first and then pour the water into the sink. Now, add lukewarm water and stir the rice for 3 minutes. Then add the cloudy water into the container. Wet a cotton pad with the rice water and rub your face gently as you would do with a make up remover to remove the dirt from your face. You'll be surprised how well this works :) No need to rinse with water afterwards. You don't need to make too much though because the r.w. doesn't last long. You can use it within 1 to 2 days.

2. Or ,you can use the rice water in another way :

After washing your face with your regular cleanser, rinse it with the rice water you have collected in the bowl. Towel dry. Then moisturize if you want.

3. If you are still worried that the water may still be dirty somehow, you can boil the rice in a high water so that you can use that extra water to wash or clean your face with the cotton pads. But, you should let it cool first, of course.

I've heard that some girls use the rice water as a conditioner on their hair but I've never tried it myself and I don't know how it works.
Anyway, I hope this helped.. <3 

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  1. I use Rice water and rice flour with honey on my face at times.. It really gives a bright glow to the face and I kinda feel the skin becomes really glowy... I wouldnt say soft but glowy yes!!


  2. try a cup of vinigar rinsed through your hair after shampoo-ing, it gives a gloss that lasts for days and boosts hair growth. well it works for me atleast.
    keen to try rice wash

  3. thank you so much :)


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