How to remove hair buildup naturally

I have recently purchased a straightener and these two weeks I wanted to try some new hairstyles. It worked very good with my organic deep conditioner(heat protectant as well), but the bottle isn't that big and I didn't want to use it up so fast(my hair is also long), so I needed a conditioner. I bought a silicone based conditioner and now I regret it. I don't really know if it was the type of silicon or alcohols in it, but my hair became dry and brittle only after using it twice in 5 days. That 'conditioner' was only wrapped around my hair strands and made it feel soft while maybe those other ingredients were damaging it. Then, I tried my organic product and it didn't work, so it was obvious to me that something was preventing it from penetrating the hair strands. As I said I don't know what ingredients made my hair like that , but it ended up looking very bad. In a situation like this, here is what you can do:

The two things that you can use to remove build up from your hair  are : 

Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar.
I think the best way to use them it would be like I have described it in "the no poo method" post.
I don't recommend using only baking soda if your hair is dry. BS is slightly alkaline and it will open up your cuticle. In this way it will make your hair a mess and even drier.

As for the ACV you can use it in two other ways.
  1. Fill with lukewarm water a water bottle,add 4 tablespoons of acv and use it after  shampoo.Just like you would do with a conditioner.
  2. Fill the sink with lukewarm water(make sure the sink is very clean,without any soap residue) and add 3/4 cup acv. Soak your hair for 4-5 min, then squeeze and rinse. This is what I did about 3 hours ago and my hair feels so soft now. It doesn't smell at all even if it's still damp. I didn't shampoo previously, but I'm washing it after a few hours. When to use it,before or after shampoo, is your choice. Try and see what works best for you. Acv will also help with removing mineral build up in your hair.
I wouldn't consider a clarifying shampoo an option because the acv gets the job done and it doesn't strip your hair color.A clarifying shampoo used too often and depending on how strong it is would remove your hair dye,unless this is what you want.
And this is it.So easy!!!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. If you have any questions ask me in the comments :)

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  1. Great tip girl thx for sharing.

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    <3 Marina
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  2. hi there!

    thanks so much for the info. but what does ACV stands for?

  3. It stands for Apple cider vinegar :)


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