Get rid of dark circles and keep the skin looking fresh

Before applying anything on your dark eye circles there are some things you have to do except that to improve the skin of that area or else the treatments won't give you the desired results.

First you need to know what is causing your problem.
Besides fatigue there are many other causes of dark circles, like : Alcohol, smoking, emotional stress, allergies, poor circulation, rubbing your eyes, pollution, dehydration, vitamin C deficiency, pregnancy,  Iron Deficiency Anemia, staying up late at night and not getting enough sleep, too many hours spent in front of the computer, pigmentation irregularities, thinning skin, sun exposure, flu(or cold) and they can also be hereditary.

-I, myself don't drink alcohol(except wine,rarely,since it's good for your health) or smoke and I try to avoid places where people smoke. This is mainly because I can't breath properly when the air is polluted. I also try not to get stressed.

What I do :
1. I always keep the eye area clean. When you wake up in the morning always wash your face and eyes with (warm and then cool) water, but be as gentle to your eyes as you can. The skin is very thin and sensitive. If you feel like water isn't enough you can use rose water afterwards to cleanse your eyes. Helps reduce dark circles too.

2. Then, before I go out I apply some grape seed oil under my eyes(and my face). Grape seed oil is easily absorbed, very light and suitable for oily skins. It also contains beta carotene(protects from sun). After it is absorbed I continue applying sunscreen(will prevent skin weakening) and don't forget to wear a hat or sunglasses. I don't wear sunglasses often though because there exist  some risks from poor quality sunglasses. Read here. So, hat it is! :D

3. When I'm home I always apply sweet almond oil two or three times a day. Massage for 5 minutes. It helps with blood circulation.

4. Here is what you can do twice or three times a week:

Get two green tea bags and dip them in warm water(or rosewater).Squeeze to remove the water but not completely.You want to feel the bags somehow wet on your eyes.Keep them for 5-10 minutes.Then take a cold spoon and message outward the under eye area. Apply an eye cream when you're finished.I use almond oil(since it's natural and does the job very well.)

-Maybe you've heard this like a thousand times but I have to write it anyway.

You can use:
    a) Cucumber slices.For 15 minutes.
       Will reduce puffiness and soothe the skin.
       Be careful not to get cucumber juice in your eyes or it will burn.
    b) Grated potato (contains vitamin A which helps reduce fine wrinkles as well.)

5. Don't sit up late at night and get enough sleep.Cut down the hours you spend in front of your computer.This isn't bad only for your eyes but for your posture and muscles too if you don't move for a long period of time.

6. Vitamin C deficiency. Foods rich in vitamin C ..here
Foods high in Iron : Chard, spinach, turmeric, thyme, shitake mushrooms, seeds, green beans, cereals, grains, meat, fish etc.

7. Dehydration.Make sure to drink enough water.

If you know of any other ways to remove dark eye circles, please feel free to share it in the comments.I've also heard that banana helps but I haven't tried it myself so I don't know if it works.


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Federica said...

nice post!!:) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want .)

Andrea Kim said...

It's a lovely blog. I thought only cucumber slices and tea bags can help you reduce eye puffiness, but your post has provided me with many more remedies. I really appreciate it. Thanks for this post.

Lizzie said...

Yes grape seed oil is brilliant for dark circles and for my entire face. My skin has never looked better. Thank god it is in the cooking aisle of the supermarket, not in the beauty aisle as it would be ten times the price! Great blog !

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