Lip care

In this post I will be sharing some tips on how to take care of your lips. Nobody likes it when their lips become dry and chapped and especially when the skin starts to peel off.

The easiest thing that you can do to get rid of chapped lips:

  • -Every time you brush your teeth remember to exfoliate your lips genlty with your toothbrush using circular motions.If you do this everyday you won't even have to use a lip scrub.

If you forget to brush your lips you can always prepare your own lip scrub. The main ingredients you're going to need are

-Sugar (white or brown)
-Oil ( olive oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed, sunflower, jojoba, coconut oil).

Mix sugar and some oil of your choice. Start off with sugar first and then add oil to reach the right consistency.
Make sure the mixture it's not runny and feels kind of rough to the touch. You can always fix this by adding more sugar. This is the simplest recipe you can use. You can add more ingredients though, like: honey, fresh lemon(or orange) juice, peppermint oil and vanilla extract.

Some ideas:
  • SugarSweet almond oil, Honey.
  • Brown sugar, Grape seed/Jojoba, Vanilla extract(few drops).
  • Sugar, Coconut oil, Lemon juice.

-To moisturize my lips I just apply honey or sweet almond oil several times a day.

But you can make your own lip balm if you want. I found this video on youtube. I picked this  among all the other videos I watched, because the recipe is easy and the ingredients are all natural. Enjoy :)

Do it yourself : Quality homemade lip balm recipe


Theadorabletwo said...

Thank you for sharing this post!!

Love Storm

Simona said...

Thank you for the tips, I find them very helpful. I tried the toothbrush exfoliating and it made my lips so much softer. I'm an lip-balm addict, have been for so many years now, always trouble with the skin round that area and this post will definitely come in handy :)


Emilia aka. Ningyo1293 said...

Thank you for sharing this!!
Winter is always making my lips so dry and chapped so this post was really helpfull!!! Thank youu!!!^^/////


saba rehman said...

I am totally agree with you , lips care is more important , for you ,,
Lips take a lot of abuse, but they lack the protection that the rest of our skin enjoys. They have no oil or sweat glands, and they're constantly exposed to irritants:

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