Hair breakage (protein-moisture imbalance)

You can have straight hair, wavy, curly, coarse, limp, frizzy, thick, fine(which is more dense than thick hair) permed, colored, bleached, oily, normal or dry(or just dry at the ends). As you may know different hair types require different care. All these characteristics should be taken into account when choosing a hair care routine that suits the individual's hair. For the last couple of months I've done everything to treat my hair properly, but it was breaking off. I would also try different products that would work for others but not for me and this made me confused. Then, it took me a while to notice that all this had to do with hair elasticity. If your hair is healthy it should stretch and go back to it's original shape.
My hair would stretch too much and it was left kind of stretched. On the other hand the ends of my hair wouldn't stretch at all and they would snap easily. This was happening because of protein and moisture imbalance. It is very easy to figure out what your hair needs by doing a strand test. Stretch a strand of hair to see what the problem is. In this way you will also avoid buying products that you DON'T need.

1) If hair is shifted on the moisture side:
Over-moisturized hair would stretch and stretch until it finally breaks off because it lacks a sound protein structure.Protein is what gives hair its structure and strength. If you are still unsure: If your hair is protein deficient it will tend to pull and stretch along with the comb and then break. So, to strengthen your hair you need to find a protein conditioner/treatment.

2) If hair is shifted on the protein side:
When hair has too much protein it can feel rough and dry, and it is breaks off easily. To correct this you only need to use a water based conditioner/cream or leave in treatment. Anything that will give moisture to your hair. Avoid cheap, filler ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin in the products you buy.

Alternative: -A natural option is to wet your hair and then seal the moisture with some kind of oil or butter.I use coconut and macadamia oil myself, but any oil/butter will do. Keep in mind that oils/butters do not moisturize. They can make your hair feel softer, but your hair isn't hydrated. And if you apply them directly on dry hair you're also preventing moisture from entering the hair strands. I leave my wet hair coated in oil for a couple of hours and then wash it off.

Still don't know?

If you still can't decide what your hair needs always moisturize your hair first. If you give your hair more protein than it needs it will be much more difficult to treat than over-moisturized hair.

An advice, even though many of you may already know this : Never comb your hair when it is wet. I know it will be a little difficult for those whose hair tangles easily, but a good conditioner can solve that. Or comb your hair before you shower and try not to make a big mess when shampooing.

Protein-moisture imbalance isn't the only reason that your hair is falling out and/or breaking off. 
1.) Before deciding to treat your hair with anything, make sure that malnutrition isn't the reason why your hair is falling/breaking.This is the first thing you need to check.
2.) Overuse of a flat iron/curling iron/blow dryer.
3.) Persistent brushing or combing your hair.
4.) Hair dyes, straightening products and bleaches.
5.) Silicone buildup, which you can get rid of with an anti-residue shampoo.

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  1. its better to avoid over use of a flat iron or curling iron


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