Clean your skin with oatmeal

I've mentioned oatmeal before in one of my posts(here), but I've used it many times on its own to clean my face and it has worked surprisingly well. I know many people clean their face with oatmeal, so I thought I would give it a try since everyone says that it works and even helps to get rid of acne. You can use oatmeal regardless of your skin type. My skin is probably the most problematic one. It's thin,oily and super sensitive. I have never found a cleanser that would work for me. They would be too drying, would make my skin flaky, red or even cause allergic reactions. Let alone weather conditions which make it even more difficult to find something suitable for the skin. It's really a struggle. So I only use natural options to take care of my face's skin.( I use rice water, rose water and read THIS for another method). At the moment, oatmeal is my favorite method.

How to use it:
- Wet your face with warm water first. Put oatmeal on the palm of your hand, wet it a bit and press it with your finger. Don't waste the yellowish water, but apply it on your face. Then start applying the oatmeal on your skin using circular motions and rubbing gently. Wet your hands from time to time, don't let it completely dry on your skin. I find it hard to remove if I let it dry. So, rub your face for some minutes and then rinse.

The benefits I've noticed:
The skin feels soft, hydrated(not oily) and exfoliated ( not flaky at all). Those with sensitive skin know how hard it is to find something gentle to exfoliate the skin. My skin didn't overproduce sebum like it has happened to me whenever I've used cleansers.

The overall appearance of the skin is improved a lot after you use oatmeal several times. I've also noticed that oatmeal helps get rid of pimples fast. It really depends on the type of acne if it will help get rid of them but you don't lose anything if you try it.

Tell me your results in the comments below :)

Clean your skin with oatmeal Clean your skin with oatmeal Reviewed by Anna B. on December 20, 2012 Rating: 5

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